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Residue and its Sequels

RESIDUE and its sequels So what’s going on with the sequel to RESIDUE? Yeah. It’s been a while. I get asked about book 2 more often than I figured I would. That’s awesome! So, a lot of you know from talking with me that I had some issues after RESIDUE was released. The copy editor […]

Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying Games Yeah. I’m writing for roleplaying games. It’s a ton of fun. One of my best friends, Alan Bahr, works for Nocturnal producing RPGs (and a bunch of other games). He asked me to write some stuff for him. Simple micro-settings for the Tiny Frontiers line. It’s a ton of fun, and those games […]

Secret Project!!

Secret Project! So. Cool stuff. I’ve been asked to co-write a novel for a major publisher. Neat, huh? Well, what is it? I can’t say yet. The other author is the big name, and I won’t say anything until he announces it. I’m not even going to say what genre it is…but it WILL have […]

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What are people saying about Residue

“An intense, high energy, what-lurks-in-the-shadows tale of monsters, both men and otherwise. Steve Diamond can make you shiver.”

Terry Brooks – NYT Bestselling Author of the Shannara Chronicles

“I really enjoyed Steve Diamond’s novel RESIDUE. Steve Diamond is not just a writer to watch…he’s a writer to read. Give yourself a treat and look for RESIDUE! I will look forward to Steve’s future works.”

Robert McCammon – Author of Swan Song and The Wolf’s Hour

“Residue will scare you- that’s its primary goal – but along the way it will touch you, shock you, make you cheer and make you think. Horror has been waiting for Steve Diamond.”

Dan Wells – NYT Bestselling Author of I Am Not a Serial Killer

“Residue is a fast-paced, fun read with great characters and the best prom scne since carrie. Steve Diamond writes kick-butt mutants, psychics, and guns, I loved it!”

Larry Correia – Monster Hunter Series